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On this page you can find blog posts related to different topics, the main one of course is VMware, but there will be also articles related to the vcommunity and for sure also other technologies that I work closely everyday.


vExpert 2023 candidature aperte

L'applicazione per i vExpert 2023 sono aperte e incoraggio tutti voi a prendere in considerazione…

PowerCli Change MTU on Host VmKernel Interface

I got asked to change all the MTU to all Host on a particular environment…

Find which Domain User joined vCenter to AD

Recently I got a query from a customer that had some auditing checks and wanted…



VMware vExpert 2021

Vmware ha recentemente annunciato la lista dei vExpert 2021, sono relativamente nuovo a questa comunità…
Febbraio 25, 2021

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