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I was doing the NSX-T Patching/Update on one environment, moving from 3.1.x to the big game-changer 3.2 version.
Everything went pretty well during the upgrade process, I followed the process explained here.
I was super excited to test some of the new stuff from this version but when the Manager UI went back again I get a weird issue on the UI that was blocking the possibility to view the Group inside the inventory and also blocking the DFW view.

The issue that the GUI is reporting is:
Error: Failed to fetch Inventory details. Please contact the administrator. Error: Index out of sync, please resync via ‘start search resync all’. (Error code: 513002)

The main issue is that from the Policy view it’s impossible to manage the Groups, for example, see hereunder

The other issue also is the impossibility to see and work with the DFW

Searching on the web I found that there was a similar issue on a previous version of NSX-T 3.0.1 and also a discussion on how they fixed this slightly similar issue.

Tried to restart the service of the UI from each Manager node and also changed the line on the file pointed on the VMNT forum thread but didn’t help.

I did, in the end, with the support a deeper check on the logs, and seems that the issue was a special group that I’ve created on my inventory that has an unusual character on the name, for example, “D$L”, seems this is creating the issue with the UI view. At the moment seems there’s no resolution and also seems that the “Core” code of this new NSX-T version is not really stable, check this big issue:

So at the moment, I’ll really discourage going with the NSX-T version whatever will be your path Greenfield or Upgrade of a current environment.

Update will follow

UPDATE 29/05:
I just took a couple of weeks after the Released of the NSX 3.2.1 (17/05/2022) Version that is fixing both issues, I’ve followed the upgrade procedure again using the tool and then upgraded. The UI Now is stable and the KB mentioned before was also solved with the fix moving to the 3.2.1 version.

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