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Giovanni Dominoni IT and Virtualization Technical Blog

A Techinical Blog about Virtualization, Multi-Cloud, Security, End-User and so on.
The aim of this blog is to work as a repository (because sometimes I forget things) and share with the community the experience and knowledge made with customer projects or simply while doing stuff on homelab.

Please if you stop by share your feedback, I'm always open to learn and improve myself.


An Assorted Pick


Italia vExpert 2024

Oggi sono stati annunciati i vExpert 2024, ed anche quest’anno posso dire con orgoglio di…

NSX-T Upgrade 4.1.1 Issue – EDGE vmid not found

I've recently going through again the great process of upgrading NSX-T, I'm not joking for…

NSX 4.x Series – Part 1 NSX Layers and Architecture

Deprecated Features: N-VDS host Switch (Only DVS to be used) KVM Hypervisor (Only ESXi Hypervisor…
VMware by Broadcom semplifica drasticamente la gamma di offerte e il modello di licenza
VExpert 2024, Application are Open!
Tutorial Installazione ESXi Nested
NSX-T Backup & Restore
VMware Italy Usercon 2023
NSX-T – Replace GM-MP-Manager-IDPS-AR Corfu certificate in NSX

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