Some months ago I passed my VCAP-NV Deploy 2022 exam.  For me the VCAP-NV Deploy 2022 test was the third test I took in 2022.  By completing it, with previously passed VCP-NV and the VCAP-NV Design 2022 I’ve now earned the badge of VCIX-NV 2022.  This now qualifies me to apply for the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)  In this blog post I’m going to put down some resources and explain my preparation process.

VCAP-NV Deploy how it works?
The Deploy exam is quite different from the VCP and Design exam because it is a PRACTICE exam. The scope of the exam is test your “DO” knowledge, so you need for sure to make your hands dirty in order to be prepared to this. Some points about the exam itself:
The Advanced Deploy VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.x exam is a 220 minutes Live Lab wiht 16 questions (Tasks) and it costs 450$
– The format of the Live Lab is quite similar to the VMware HOL

1 – Starting point is the VMware Exam Guide or Exam Blueprint. The document that you can find here is actual and pass through all the topics and subject the exam will ask you to be ready to manage.

2- Check all the topics mentioned on the blueprint and Study the way to perform them through blogpost made by community expert (a quick google search will help you) and take a look also at the administration guide:

3- Test yourself multiple times on this configuration tasks using the really great Hands on Lab

4 – During the exam take the needed time to understand the tasks assigned, you have 16 tasks as written before, verify the completeness of your action because some of them are linked between each other

5- Before hitting your head against the wall “verify” ALWAYS what you done, it will take a couple of additional minutes but will save your for a lot of stress and build your confidence between the tasks

If you are well navigated with NSX you will have a lot of time left after finishing your tasks, in my case I finish it with 1 hour of spare time left. The task are for sure testing your knowledge of the technology, the recommendation for the exam is 1 to 2 year of NSX experience but it always depends on how much stuff you did it with it, don’t trust too much yourself, check the BLUEPRINT!
I really enjoyed the exam, the tasks are well organized, the time allowed helps you and the exam itself doesn’t have something really super high god level, like remember perfectly every command line in every menu and so on.
As you know with NSX the API Calls are important but also here the suggestion is take for sure a look at the structure of them but don’t learn by memory, you can rely on the “API Documentation” menu available on the NSX-UI, this will work also during the exam, so a great help if you need to search a specific API Call!

If you did your preparation well after 24/48 hours you should receive your result in form of Credly Badge and then few hours later also the communication about the official score report. If you read along to here I can only wish you good luck with the exam!

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