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vExpert 2024 application are open! If you want to join one of the Best IT community in the world just continue reading.
If you know already the program and you just want a little guidance you can double check also the vExpert Best Practice Guide.

Just remember that the Applications will lock on 2024-01-19 for voting, so insert your application before this end date.


Be a vExpert means be and IT Professionist with passion and will of sharing VMware knowledge to help the community. Be a great IT Professionist only during your daily job is not enough, the real value to be a vExpert is the time out of your day to day job, the time you dedicate to this only for your passion, for yourself and the community. There are different ways to contribuite to the community: blogging, book authoring, magazine articles, CloudCred task writing, forum platforms, video making, VMUG Leadership, Public speech on a event and so on.

The following application paths are available:

Evangelist Path

The Evangelist Path includes book authors, bloggers, tool builders, public speakers, VMTN contributors, and other IT professionals who share their knowledge and passion with others with the leverage of a personal public platform to reach many people. Employees of VMware can also apply via the Evangelist path. A VMware employee reference is recommended if your activities weren’t all in public or were in a language other than English.

Customer Path

The Customer Path is for leaders from VMware customer organizations. They have been internal champions in their organizations or worked with VMware to build success stories, act as customer references, given public interviews, spoken at conferences, or were VMUG leaders. A VMware employee reference is recommended if your activities weren’t all in public.

VPN (VMware Partner Network) Path

The VPN Path is for employees of our partner companies who lead with passion and by example, who are committed to continuous learning through accreditations and certifications and to making their technical knowledge and expertise available to many. This can take shape of event participation, video, IP generation, as well as public speaking engagements. A VMware employee reference is required for VPN Path candidates.


The VCDX path is for VCDX holders only. If you hold the VCDX title you will still need to apply for vExpert each year. We verify all VCDX applications via the VCDX Directory.

VMUG Leaders

VMUG leaders dedicate a lot of personal time to the community. We want to recognize these efforts for the time spent helping and contributing to the community by awarding VMUG leaders with the vExpert Award. If you are a VMUG leader, you will need to apply to receive the award.

VMNT Moderator

VMNT moderator is helping the community inside the scope of VMNT forum managing discussion, reviewing posts, handling the topics, check the answers and the relative links posted. In the end helping the forum and the relative open threads to go in the right direction. Spending a great effort in helping everyone needs help, keeping the tone of all the discussion polite and friendly.

You probably also be interested on the vExpert Program Benefits:

  • Invite to our private #Slack channel
  • vExpert certificate signed by our CEO Raghu Raghuram.
  • Private forums on
  • Permission to use the vExpert logo on cards, website, etc for one year
  • Access to a private directory for networking, etc.
  • Exclusive gifts from various VMware partners.
  • Private webinars with VMware partners as well as NFRs.
  • Access to private betas (subject to admission by beta teams).
  • 365-day eval licenses for most products for home lab / cloud providers.
  • Private pre-launch briefings via our blogger briefing pre-Explore(subject to admission by product teams)
  • Blogger early access program for vSphere and some other products.
  • Featured in a public vExpert online directory.
  • Access to vetted VMware & Virtualization content for your social channels.
  • Yearly vExpert parties at both VMware Explore US and VMware Explore Europe events.
  • Identification as a vExpert at VMware Explore

Help Needed?
You can reach out one of your local vExpert PRO that can help you in the journey of become a vExpert!
Also in addition one of our member of the vExpert community, Wouter Kursten will be running a weekly vExpert office hour Zoom call. During these sessions, attendees can come with questions, and if they want to discuss their application, it can be reviewed as well. Even for those who are not yet prepared content-wise, guidance will be provided on what to do for the next round of applications.

These sessions will take place between 20.00h and 21.00h ECT +1 on Monday evenings, and Wouter will try to involve multiple vExpert Pros to offer as much help as possible. His good friend Martin Micheelsen will be conducting a similar session on Thursday evenings. If you are interested in joining the vExpert Office Hours, please email so that you can be added to either or both of the calendar invitations.

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