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Upgrade External PSC HA 6.5 to 6.7 part4 vCenter

This is the last part that conclude the upgrading process from 6.5 to 6.7. (part1part2 – part3)
In this last phase we will fill in on the wizard the required information in order to start the copy of the data from the old 6.5 vCenter to the new one 6.7.

The whole procedure is basically the same as we did for the PSC, pretty straightforward and easy to complete.
The only issue you can encounter here could be realted to something missing on the configuration of the PSC behind Load Balancer, for this reason I really encurage you to check you configuration and follow the steps explained in the

Let’s continue with the Stage 2 introduction wizard

In this step the main information like users and password are already present form the previous stage, so we just need to click next and waiting for the check results

As you can see above the pre-check comes with a little warning that explain the files related to ESXi 5.5 and lower version will not be copied into the new appliance because they are not supported.

The last step is related to which data will be copied from the source. In some case in this last step, if your source appliance don’t have the “/” partition with enough free space the wizard will ask you to do the export the data into another partition. In that case you can easly choose one of the other partitions by putting in the wizard where asked, an example could be: “/storage/core” and the upgrade will go on.
Then just can click on next and go under the review window.

After reviewing the setting you can start the upgrade by confirming with OK. The upgrade will copy the data in the new appliance,  will configure it and than the source appliance will be shutted down.

Before complete the upgrade the procedure will also show an informational message regarding the disabling of TLS 1.0 1.1 protocol for communication and if you are using Auto Deploy to upgrade the information to your TFTP server.

This conclude the upgrade process!
I hope this could be useful to someone, if you have question or doubts just write in the comment.


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