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Upgrade External PSC HA 6.5 to 6.7 part3 vCenter

In this third and fourth article I will focus on the vCenter appliance upgrade.

If you miss the previous articles of this series you can just jump back to them by clicking on this two links:

As I did on the previous article I need to attach the 6.7 ISO file to a Windows VM that has connectivity with my vCenter/PSCs and start the wizard by click on the Upgrade button.

As I did before with the PSCs we need to insert all the info related to the source appliance and where the new appliance will be deployed. In my case I have, let’s say a “Main” vCenter that basically hosts all of my stuff and It manages all the nested vCenter/PSC appliances and ESXi. The Upgrade process is similar to the PSC, is a two step process:

  • first the deploy of the new appliance
  • then start the migration from the old to the new one

In the second window insert all the information related to the target where the new appliance will be deployed

Select the destination folder from the target inventory

Select the Cluster or the Host in the target

Set up the VM name and root password

Select the Deployment Size

Select the Datastore

Configure the network settings with the temporary IP

Review all the information and click on next

Wait until the appliance deployment completion

Appliance succefully deployed.

This will conclude the deploy stage.  The conclusion of the upgrade is written in the last article, if you are interested you can read  it on the part4.

See you soon

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